Award winners for innovation

SQS have won the 2023 Street Works UK award for Innovation Excellence! The winners were announced on Thursday 19th October at a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament and SQS, in conjunction with UK Power Networks and Surrey County Council won in the Innovation Excellence category.

Shown below is SQS Performance and Business Improvement Director, Dan O’Mara, receiving the award.

With our partners, we have been trialling a revolutionary self-healing concrete for the first time in the Street Works industry. The mix consists of limestone producing microbes that repair cracks autonomously.

The bacteria are added to a concrete mix and lay dormant until needed. When the concrete cracks water and air seep into the reinstatement, the microbes wake up and start reacting. The microbes multiply within the crack and produce strong calcium carbonate crystals until the crack is completely sealed with limestone.

Award photo credit: Hajley Photography.