Backstage Tour for our Inquisitive Young Minds

Here at SQS family, community, personal development & future generations are important to us. When we received a hand written letter from a young inspiring mind interested in our safety principles, as well as showing a keen interest in our trucks as big as “fire engines” it was an invite opportunity we could not dismiss.

The children 3, 5 and 7 and their family visited our Head Office & Aggregates Recycling Facility QRS to understand why, in their words “digging and filling a hole is so much more complicated than doing so at the beach”.

Thomas, the father of the children said:

 “Learning all about the different stages of the recycling process, the different jobs needed to complete works and most exciting of all, the operational perspective from a 32-tonne grab wagon cab! Really made the kids day and from their questions afterwards might well have inspired the next generation for a career in the utilities sector! “

An enjoyable, entertaining and rewarding day was had by all, we took just as much joy showing them all around as they did seeing it all! Engaging our local and young community to educate and Inspire young minds is something we as a business are looking to do more, closely aligned to our apprenticeship scheme.