Complete Utility Solutions

In response to the changing structures within the utilities sector we have, over recent years, expanded our capabilities to offer greater cost efficiency, increased flexibility and reduced risks to our clients. SQS can now offer a complete utility solution to meet many client needs on a ‘turnkey’ basis.

Our capability to take on responsibility for the project management, excavation and repair elements of utility works in addition to our core backfilling and reinstatement activity brings multiple benefits for clients. Interfaces and hand-offs are decreased, disputes minimised and costs reduced.

Case Study: UK Power Networks

SQS have worked for UK Power Networks (UKPN) for many years delivering high quality reinstatement solutions. A drive for continuous improvement has seen many innovative developments that have ensured a right-first-time, safe and cost-efficient service for thousands of individual reinstatement jobs.

However, it became clear that many of the barriers to further improvement were inherent in the hand-offs and interfaces between the ‘dig’ contractor and the reinstatement team.

By a single organisation being accountable for the end-to-end process these hand-offs and interfaces could be eliminated.

SQS have been able to use their expertise in street works, planning, safety and compliance gained over 20 years as a leading reinstatement contractor to bring a ‘turn-key’ capability to the utility sector market.

For UKPN, SQS are now taking on the role of Principal Contractor and managing the complete process including planning, excavation, ducting, cable installation, backfill and reinstatement.


Our Ontrack works management system gives clients full real-time transparency of the end-to-end job, and by integrating dig and backfill we can maximise the opportunities to reduce waste, transport and handling costs.

The system is renowned throughout the industry for promoting teamwork and close cooperation between parties when undertaking utilities works.

See the Ontrack page to find out more.

We welcome enquiries from clients who are looking for quality-focused solutions delivered in a true partnership way. Please call us on 0333 240 0201 for an initial discussion.