Ontrack is a bespoke works management system that provides end-to-end job tracking and quality management. It is a cloud based application suite with a companion iPhone/iPad app.

Ontrack takes and stores high resolution photos and videos to provide a visual representation of the quality of workmanship taking place on site. This historic photo and video trail also supports the SQS streetworks team in identifying ‘pre-damage’, allowing us to dispute and successfully challenge defects.

Using the Ontrack photos and videos, our works planning teams can identify additional requirements on site early and easily, allowing us to meet our customers and partners expectations.

Ontrack interfaces with the works management systems of various utilities and will write to the national street works database, EToN.

In the industry, Ontrack is famous for its ease of use and providing total transparency across the end-to-end job lifecycle.

Information Capture

We train our partners excavation teams to record critical information via a series of questions prompted from our mobile app. This not only enables us to complete an incredibly high first time reinstatement percentage, but is rapidly increasing our 24 hour reinstatement goal and overall customer satisfaction.

Via the Ontrack system, SQS have pushed the boundaries of what is expected from reinstatement works management software. Built upon ‘The SQS Way’, the system continues to support the delivery of ‘best in class’ reinstatement services for partners across London and the South East.

Ontrack Management Solutions

Please visit the Ontrack web site to find out how you can licence the system to help your business.