Planning & Street Works

At SQS we believe our capability in planning and street works is second-to-none. We have invested heavily in people, training, systems and innovation all with the aim of increasing reinstatement quality and reducing defects.

Our dedicated street works department manages all street works processes across the group, including permit management, ensuring our works comply with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 and the Traffic Management Act 2004.

The team is expert in EToN (Electronic Transfer of Notifications), client interfaces and works management systems, underpinning a seamless end-to-end handling.

Our proactive approach to planning and defect management makes extensive use of the Ontrack system to identify, record and control issues, resulting in exceptionally low, industry leading defect rates.

We work collaboratively with clients to co-ordinate dig and fix activity with backfill and reinstatement tasks. This means that jobs are completed to plan with minimal on-site time.

The information provided by clients is critical in pre-planning reinstatement activity, ensuring that the correct materials and operatives are scheduled to each job. We have recently expanded our service offering to include planning and project management of the dig-phase. This minimises interfaces, reduces costs and gives clients greater certainly of right-first time, on time delivery.

SQS have a zero tolerance policy in receiving any street works charges from the Local Authorities, and have introduced an ‘Own Goal’ policy, whereby if a street works charge is received, then an ‘Own Goal’ investigation is conducted. This helps to identify the most effective, corrective action.

Street Works Capability

At SQS our Senior Management Team responsible for Street Works have over 15 years’ experience in Street Works process, administration and EToN, which includes:

  • Charge Management and Prevention
  • Defect Management and Prevention
  • Works Management System development
  • Works Management System and EToN Interface testing
  • End to end notice/permit management i.e. raising notices/permits, conditions, extensions, variations, work stops and registrations
  • Working with multiple works management systems, EToN Interfaces and EToN systems including Mayrise, Symology (Insight), GIS and SAP

As well as the general day to day running of contracts we have also been requested to assist clients with reducing duplication of works and improving processes that are not performing to their required targets, which has included:

  • Full contract review/analysis to reduce overdue defects, defect failure rate, Section 74 failure rate and FPN failure rate.
  • Incorporation and streamlining of Street Works processes to reduce duplication of works and overhead costs.
  • Street Works Training (Including Permit Management) for our clients Street Works Teams, Management, and Operatives.

The reason our clients have confidence in us is not only our experience, but our continual improvement.

At SQS we never stand still and are constantly reviewing our processes, analysing root causes/‘lessons learnt’, and continually developing layers of safety nets to protect us and our clients.

Currently we process approximately 100,000 permits a year, primarily dealing with the back end of the process but still raising a large proportion of permits and managing variations/extensions.