Quality Recycling Solutions

We believe that using recycled materials in reinstatement makes great business sense as well as protecting the environment. Our ultimate aim is to achieve 100% recycled materials in all our operations.

SQS group company, QRS (Quality Recycling Solutions), takes the waste materials from excavations and recycles them into fully certificated surround, backfill, subbase and base materials.

QRS produce over 450 tonnes of recycled materials each day. All arisings from SQS works are returned to the main recycling facility at Scratchwood Quarry, situated within the London Gateway Service area on the M1 motorway. The material is then screened by QRS and recycled to make bespoke backfill materials, including fully recycled 803 Type 1, produced in accordance with the Standard for Highway Works, Series 800.

QRS also have the capability to produce Alternative Reinstatement Materials such as SMR’s and HBM’s (NRSWA SRoH Appendix A9 and A10), and concrete using a Volumetric Mobile Concrete/Screed Batching Plant.

All our materials are tested by one of the largest independent UKAS accredited laboratories, Socotec. They carry out a range of testing aligned the relevant legislative requirements.

Recycling spoil is not only financially beneficial but also reduces the project carbon footprint and drastically cuts the amount of waste to landfill.


We produce a number of recycled backfill materials, from a Class A Graded Granular to a fully compliant Type 1 Granular Sub Base produced in accordance with Clause 803 of the SHW Series 800.

SQS supports the use of their recycled materials with a bespoke training package delivered free of charge to clients and third party contractors.

In addition to the permanent facility at Scratchwood, we collect our clients arisings from our other operational depots and take them back to Scratchwood for processing. We can then deliver fully complaint recycled materials to these depots, allowing complete autonomy of backfill materials.


EcoSurround is a by-product of our Backfill production and allows us to recycle even more of our waste. This is a surround to apparatus made in accordance with the Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways.

EcoSurround is used in replacement of sand, shingle etc and is currently being used on most of our contracts.