Street Works Department

At SQS our Senior Management Team responsible for Street Works have over 20 years’+ experience, which includes:

  • FPN and Section 74 charge analysis and prevention
  • Defect management and prevention
  • Lane rental cost reduction
  • Works management system development
  • Compliance (excavation, engineering and reinstatement)
  • New Road and Street Works Act 1991
  • Traffic Management Act 2004
  • Standard for highways work – Series 800
  • Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice (Red Book)
  • Recycled aggregate production and testing
  • End to end notice/permit management of 100,000+ permits annually i.e. raising notices/permits, conditions, extensions, variations, work stops and registrations
  • Working with multiple systems including GIS, SAP, EToN Interfaces, EToN systems and now Street Manager (including involvement in the Street Manager trials and workshops pre and post mobilisation)

As well as the general day to day running of contracts we have also support clients, which has included:

  • Full contract review/analysis to reduce overdue defects, defect failure rate, Section 74 failure rate and FPN failure rate
  • Core failure analysis and prevention
  • Incorporation and streamlining of Street Works processes to reduce duplication of works and overhead costs
  • Street Works Training including permit management, SRoH, Street Work charge avoidance and red book