Integrated Policy Statement

Our IPS covers Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Stanmore Quality Surfacing (SQS) carries out excavation and reinstatement works for various utilities contracts and private works. SQS is supported by Quality Recycling Solutions (QRS) which provides materials support and Commercial Plant Services (CPS) including field service, specialist plant repair and vehicle maintenance. Together with Ontrack Management Solutions (OMS), providing first hand task management applications, these four elements form the SQS Group.

Management and employees have responsibilities for Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Business Sustainability. These issues are managed and controlled by employees implementing and complying with the policies and procedures within the Integrated Management System.

The principal objectives of this policy are to:

  • Ensure our commitment to comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and other requirements that apply to our operations and work to the values of our SPEC principle.
  • Promote our commitment to working safely based on our STAN principle.
  • Ensure through the training of our staff and risk assessment that everything reasonably practicable is done to prevent ill health, personal injury and to maintain safe places of work.
  • Communicate and consult fully with our employees, suppliers and sub contractors.
  • Communicate with our clients, understand their requirements and wherever possible provide a quality of service that exceeds their expectations based on our MORA principle.
  • Comply with the specific requirements of NRSWA 1991.
  • Protect the environment by managing our activities, identifying the most significant environmental aspects of our operations, implementing control measures that minimise their impact, reducing waste, conserving natural resources and preventing pollution.
  • Promote an awareness of the need for sustainable development through the wise use of resources.
  • Monitor and measure our performance to ensure continual improvement of the management system.

The Management Board is fully committed to achieving our targets and objectives and will provide the necessary support, training and resources to ensure that all those responsible for the company’s activities play their part in implementing the requirements of this policy.

This Policy Statement is made available to all employees via our intranet and notice boards, and to the general public upon request.



Maurice O’Connor
Managing Director
3rd July 2019