Customer Care

At SQS we are committed to delivering the ultimate customer service, our main objective being to ensure we are the No 1 choice for our shared customers.

Communication is key to meeting our objectives, keeping our customers informed throughout our works journey. We complete over 380 jobs a day across the UK and strive to ensure that every individual job is accompanied by great customer service from the SQS team.

Our dedicated Customer Care team and our teams on site are provided with tools that enable us to listen to, and report any customer concerns in real time so they can be managed pro-actively without causing inconvenience to our customers.

To facilitate our people in delivering the ultimate customer service we communicate our customer messages, providing guidance on how we get the job done though our virtual leader MORA.

MORA provides us with standards, clear communication, and direction with an operationally friendly ‘can do will do’ attitude, enabling us to achieve our ultimate goal.

Whilst we aim to get it right first time on time, every time, on occasions when our service does not meet the standards and expectations we set we want to hear about it.

The SQS customer care team commit to respond to you within 2 hours, and strive to agree a solution within 24 hours. This however is not where our customer service ends. In our commitment to continuously innovate and improve the service we deliver; each customer contact is reviewed to ensure lessons are learned so performance can be improved.

Our current performance levels highlight under 0.5% concerns received against our completed works.

Your Feedback

Customer feedback is paramount to our success at SQS.

If you would like to leave feedback, or have a concern regarding any of our works we ask that you contact our Customer Care team:

Telephone us on 0333 240 0201

or email us at

or contact us by completing our feedback form

We are also keen to know when our people have done things right. At SQS we are very proud of our people, and continue to receive increased customer commendations month on month following the personalised service they deliver. We ensure these commendations are broadcasted daily, keeping moral high and assuring our people of their value in our team.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear your say.

Within a normal working day, the minute we are made aware of a customer concern we will respond to you within 2 hours, and strive to agree a solution within 24 hours.

A member of the public recently sent in this photo of one of the SQS operatives, Karol Matysek, kindly helping a blind lady around some street works.

Katrina O’Connor, director at SQS, commented:

Well done to Karol for showing great care and customer awareness. We are extremely proud of the great relationships, communication and team work demonstrated between our people.