Home Safe, The SQS Way

At SQS the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, public, stakeholders and our supply chain is an integral part of the company’s culture. Our main objective is to ensure everyone returns home safe, every day.

To achieve our vision of being the UKs leader in complete reinstatement solutions we aim to be:

  • No 1 – Safety, health and environment
  • No 1 – Productivity and efficiency
  • No 1 – Exceptional quality
  • No 1 – Choice for all our shared customers

STAN and MORA as our virtual leaders provide guidance on how we approach delivering on our principles and commitments – STAN with regard to Health, Safety and Wellbeing; while MORA helps maintain the focus on our customers’ experience (see Customer Care page).

“Whilst all of our No 1’s are of equal importance to successfully achieve our vision. Our people’s and the members of the public health and safety ‘Must’ come first and should never be compromised.”

Maurice O’Connor, Managing Director

A Passion For Safety

With strong leadership and cutting-edge technology providing ‘real time’ data capture and interpretation, we have the capability and the passion to move to greater levels of performance across all areas.

Understanding that our workforce and supply chain are at the forefront of delivering the highest quality services to our customer base; provides the catalyst for challenging our current health, safety, wellbeing and quality standards.

Communication has been key to SQS achieving its premier position in our industry and central to this achievement is the company’s use of technology in our everyday activities. It provides instant near miss and hazard reporting, coupled with photos and comments. We are receiving close to 100 such reports each week and this is set to increase dramatically.

Proactive reporting such as this, before an event has occurred, enables us to focus resources and provide detailed analysis to clients ensuring opportunities for improvements are promptly identified and efficiently resolved. This pre-emptive approach minimises defects and reduces complaints.

SQS’s training department and its trainers continue to provide a broad range of courses to facilitate our progression as an industry leader. Maintaining and adding to core competencies provides confidence that we have at our disposal a workforce capable of delivering on our contractual commitments and on our customers’ expectations while helping us to ensure everyone returns home safely every day.

Our Management Standards

Each of the SQS Group companies holds accreditations through BSi for the following standards ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management, ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

What This Means For Our Clients

Our clients know that:

  • their projects are manned by a highly competent, trained workforce
  • they are dealing with an experienced, capable and knowledgeable management team
  • controls to mitigate risks and impacts in all areas are given the highest priority before the project starts and reviewed throughout its lifetime
  • down-time is minimised as the likelihood of accidents/incidents is significantly reduced
  • plant and equipment is regularly serviced, maintained and that it is ‘fit for purpose’
  • customer interface is courteous, helpful with issues quickly resolved
  • any dealings with regulatory bodies are managed effectively
  • we are aware and manage our legal obligations in a professional and competent manner
  • documentation is right first time
  • appropriate records are maintained
  • we are committed to continual improvement in all areas of our activities

RoSPA Gold Award

We are proud that in 2017 SQS received its first ROSPA Gold award, as well as successful re-certification to OHSAS 18001: Health and Safety Management standard.

SQS is well placed to make even greater improvements in its Health, Safety and Wellbeing performance as the company expands. In 2024, SQS was once again awarded the ROSPA Gold Award and we have now been awarded 8 consecutive Gold Medals.

For more information on ROSPA see their web site.

See also our Integrated Policy Statement covering Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.