At SQS we believe that sustainability doesn’t just makes great environmental sense, it also makes great business sense. That is why we have put the circular economy at the heart of our business model – we call this “Giving back the Earth”.

Our approach to sustainability goes beyond compliance, by harnessing innovation and technology to create shared value for our clients, our people and the communities in which we work.

Giving back the earth

We are passionate about reducing the amount of raw materials consumed by the utilities sector during their essential network repair, maintenance and renewal programmes. We work with utility companies and their framework contractors to recycle the waste materials from trench excavations.

We turn this material from waste into fully approved backfill and surround material that is then re-used in the trench reinstatement. Any plastics, metals or other materials in the waste are segregated out and passed to specialist recyclers.

By ‘closing the loop’ we are diverting thousands of tonnes away from landfill, reducing raw material quarrying and helping our clients improve their bottom line as well.

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