Local Authorities

Commitment to Quality

With experience covering locations from busy London Boroughs to narrow rural roads, SQS have worked directly with Local Authorities for many years. Our commitment to first-time reinstatement and full compliance with quality standards mean we have an industry leading performance on defects.

Works Planning

Our strength in work planning and customer service means that Local Authorities know that the SQS approach will mean minimal disruption for both road users and householders.


Taking excavated materials, that otherwise would be regarded as waste, and recycling them into high quality, fully approved replacement backfill material is great for the environment and the bottom line.

Read here for more on our aggregate recycled products.


Our quality control and close working with multiple Local Authorities across our operating area has been central to the wide spread acceptance of Ecobase and EcoSurround as the leading recycled backfill materials for carriageways and footpaths.