“Shipshape, clean and tidy” – The SQS Way

At SQS we pride ourselves on the cleanliness and tidiness of our work sites. Clean and tidy sites make for safer environments for not only our customers but also our hard-working staff. Our teams on the ground pride themselves on the perception they portray during each job they complete and SQS are proud when this is recognized.

SQS featured in Morrisons Customer Experience update working on behalf of Cadent Gas. A “No-notice” visit was carried out on a Cadent Gas site that SQS was working on and the feedback we received is a testament to the values that SQS as a business strives for.

The feedback highlights the importance of customer and client perception whilst essential works are taking place. As a business, we would like to thank our partners for providing us with such positive feedback and we would also like to thank the team involved for working with SQS’ key principles in mind. A big well done to Michael and Beau.