Street Works Team visit AI

Members of the SQS Street Works Team were given a tour and a training session of a tarmac plant organised by Aggregate Industries at their Wembley Depot.

Our Street Works Analysts who are responsible for closing down permits (including work stop & registration) are the last eyes on every reinstatement we complete, so they are undertaking an operational & legislative training program during 2017. This will ensure they have the best chance of highlighting and avoiding potential defects and charges.

Lashan Millwood said:

“I found it interesting that the sand and stones arrive by train which is resourced from all over the country. They have a train track that leads up to the back of the plant, where the deliveries are offloaded. Overall this experience was helpful as its given a better insight as to how tarmac is made i.e. the sand and stones being mixed with bitumen to make tarmac.”

Cosmina-Beatrice Cusiac said:

“The visit to Aggregate Industries was in my opinion a very constructive one, in the sense that it made me more aware of what the materials used for reinstatement are made of and also what the process for obtaining them is. I am glad I had the opportunity to visit the aggregate plant, as this was a very helpful step towards a better understanding of this essential component of the reinstatement industry and consequently towards my better understanding and easier identification of the various materials used by our gangs.”

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