Street Works UK 2019 Winners

SQS have successfully delivered phase 1 and 2 of our collaborative works with UK Power Networks regarding the use of waste plastic within our trial Asphalt mix (Supplied by MacRebur). This project saw the equivalent of around 5,100 plastic bottles put to good recycled use around Surrey and Kent.

Both SQS and UK Power Networks are delighted to have been awarded (joint winners) Street Works UK’s Sustainable Methods Award. The award ceremony was held at Welford Road Stadium, Leicester featuring keynote speeches from UK Power Networks. The award itself was collected by UK Power Networks’ Senior Street Works manager and the Business development manager from MacRebur on all our behalves.

What a fantastic award and honour just in time for Christmas! This award stands testament to all the hard work we have put in collectively so far (with Phase 2 also grabbing regional and national headlines with both ITV and the BBC).

We would also like to thank both Surrey and Kent county council of which none of this would have been possible without their assistance.

The trials continue into phase 3 starting this month; which see SQS and UKPN heading back into Surrey. Updates to follow in the new year…