“To their full potential”

Encouraging and developing our people to their full potential is important to us at SQS, and fundamental to ensuring we retain our good people, and hold high levels of employee satisfaction.

Alex started in a temporary role at SQS working as a support/office administrator. Alex has progressed throughout her time with SQS and is now a key member of the SQS family as “Senior Quantity Surveyor” managing her own team.

We have asked Alex to share her exciting progression and journey with us…

“I have been with the company for roughly 8 years and joined shortly after completing a business management course at university. I was desperate to get some office experience so took a temporary position in the support department. As the business grew the support department evolved into the customer care team where before I knew it, I was offered a permanent position and became part of the SQS family. A couple of years down the line, I wanted to get back to what I was best with (numbers) and initially thought I was suited to a payroll position. I spoke to Katrina (Company director) at the time, who suggested sitting in with several departments that dealt with number. I did not expect to enjoy the Quantity Surveying role but was so taken away by it that I stuck with it as a trainee/Junior QS.

I was approached about progressing my skill set within the Quantity Surveying role and my manager had offered me further training, which was in the form of a university course in Quantity Surveying. I completed the initial course which was about 2 years, and then went on to complete a masters for it. At every stage those working with me while I was on the course were fully supportive in offering me their guidance and knowledge along my journey and here I am today as a Senior Quantity Surveyor managing a team.

The advice I would offer to anyone within SQS that is possibly interested in exploring their options is to speak to your manager about it. Managers here have plenty of knowledge about company processes and will be able to offer you plenty of guidance which will allow you to make an informed choice about where you may want to take “your journey”. From the experience I have had SQS management team were encouraging and supported me in my self-development. Never be discouraged if you feel it may be “taking too long”, whether it’s a year or several years “stick it out” to get to where you want to be. I am grateful to SQS for the opportunity they have provided me with and I love my current role!”

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