A Day in the Life of a SHEQ Advisor

Our SHEQ team (Safety, Health, Environment & Quality dept) are dedicated to providing an audit, inspection and assurance process inclusive of site visits as part of our strive towards our vision of being No 1 in Exceptional Quality and No 1 in Health, Safety and Environment.

We caught up with Dritan, our dedicated SHEQ Advisor to gain a key insight into his role at SQS.

                                               (Dritan Baraku; Pictured above)

Q: What made you want to become a SHEQ Advisor?

A: “I started off doing all of the admin tasks for my team and gradually got more and more interested in getting out of the office and seeing first-hand what I would always see on the reports, so I plucked up the courage to apply for the role, build my skills and undertake the training required for the role, of which my manager was fully supportive!”

Q: Overall, what is the ultimate Purpose of your daily site visits/audits and what do you feel the key benefits are?

A: “Our guys work so hard out on the roads and are faced with many challenges, our ultimate goal is to keep them and all of our customers safe, every day. Our site visits ensure they are following all safety procedures to the letter but we also like to check in on the guys to make sure they are ok, we make sure they are confident with all training provided to them and last of all it provides reassurance to our customers that we DO take every job (little or large) just as seriously as the next.”

Q: Do you feel we could improve the safety we deliver to ourselves, our clients and members of the public alike?

A: “Of course there is always room for improvement, but touch wood we are in a great place! We have a robust system; communicate regularly with all the guys, giving them news on all new legislation and provide opportunity for the guys to ask any questions or share any concerns they have had on or off site. We are always actively supported by our Company Directors so always have a real feeling of ‘one team, one goal’


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