Apprenticeships for the Win

Developing New Talent is central to the continued growth and success of our business. Our apprenticeship scheme provides the bridge between education and the world of work. Our apprentice scheme is fully supported by our own in-house training academy and those joining the programme can be assured of the high-quality training and supervised learning that will allow all our candidates to reach their full potential.

Apprentices and SQS are given the opportunity to work on some of the most critical infrastructure renewal projects in the UK, helping to deliver complete reinstatement solutions that protect the environment and enhance the local communities we serve; communities and backgrounds that our apprentices come from.

The intensive year long course gives all candidates a level 2 NVQ diploma in highways maintenance as well as a good appreciation of highways maintenance practices and with our most successful year to date with a pass rate of 100%.

The course has been very well received by the candidates themselves (as you can tell from all the cheesy grins from their awards ceremony above). One apprentice wrote:

It was a great opportunity for me. The practical hands-on combined with the classroom learning at the training academy helped me get real appreciation of the SQS approach to high quality reinstatement work

For one apprentice it had been his saving grace for both himself and his family, as his mother had sent a very heart felt letter; part(s) of which had read:

My Son is a bright intelligent young man with an exceptionally high IQ level, but he has never really been academically minded. His school years were marked by trouble until he obtained his apprenticeship with SQS and has never looked back.

… My son now talks about a future – he makes plans! He feels like he has started a career where there will be progress and great opportunities – it’s not ‘just a job’ – it’s more than that and something he is very proud to be a part of.  I know he is doing his level best with you – it seems like he has found a ‘home’ with you.

The apprenticeship scheme is not just a bid to fill vacancies, it is more important than that, it is about shaping young minds, giving candidates; no-matter the background, something to works towards, giving back to their local communities and more importantly carving a safe path to a secure future.

We welcome all our recent graduates to the SQS family and could not be any prouder and equally look forward to working with all apprentice’s to come.

If you would like to join us on this journey or already have experience and are seeking employment into one of our teams, please keep a keen eye on our Careers Page to see all our most recent job postings.