Innovation Project- Collaborative Working with Thames Water

Did you know that when water gets into excavations, it can prevent the ground from being reinstated while the water is removed, or risk the quality of the road construction, leading to defects?

Using funding from TfL’s Lane Rental Scheme, we at SQS have been working in collaboration with Thames Water to develop and trial a backfill material which can displace the water from an excavation (where the source is outside of a company’s control such as weather) without affecting the integrity of the reinstatement.

The developed material replaces some of the cement content with fly ash, a legacy by-product of the coal industry, which usually ends up at specialised landfill stores. While fly ash will be available for many years to come, supplies are expected to gradually decline in the long term, with the increased use of renewable energy.

Utilising this waste product as an interim solution could remove the requirement for storage, reduce the emissions associated to the reinstatement, speed up the opening of the road and reduce disruption to the travelling public.

Why not check out the project video on the below link:

This is a very exciting project with the potential of a new material being introduced into the UK’s utility industry and with more potential than our initial objective. We will keep you updated on the project progression.