Through our customers eyes

“Through our customers eyes”

We want to understand what our customers see, hear & feel when near our works. Our customer care team are based at their desks within our head office, taking, managing and doing their best to resolve customer enquiries received over the telephone, email or any other communication channel.

To help us really experience our works “through our customers eyes” our customer advisors spent some time going to site. The ongoing gas project they visited impacted hundreds of homes across several different streets within a Bedfordshire community.

Our teams communicate with residents, members of the public and vehicle users all day, every day to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. Not only did we want to understand the customers perspective and get some feedback, but we also wanted to see for ourselves the challenges our teams on site face trying their best to ensure they are delivering the best possible customer service. Here’s how we got on…

Ashley said:

I saw first hand how disruptive works can be and the wide array of inconveniences’ it can create; from a technical issue that can delay the works all the way through to the aftercare clean up and how vital it is to the whole on site customer care process.

It’s one thing to learn these customer care processes from the comfort of my desk, but to go out to an active site, where these processes are vital in keeping the customers and residents in the picture, happy and most importantly safe was so valuable. It has helped my understanding of why we have these processes and now that I have seen it first-hand; I can better explain to our valued customers what we’re doing, when and why. It really has allowed me to ‘fine tune’ the level of customer service I give.

Anisah Said:

I was lucky enough to see a working gas site and was shocked at how many holes needed to be dug on just one street and how tight it can make a road for all of its residents. This, coupled with the fact that there needs to be equipment stored on a gas site can really make it messy. Therefore it is so important that a great level of customer service does not just come from the comfort of my desk but also the digging agents on site, the grab lorry drivers, the black toppers (tarmac works), the white toppers (paving and grass verges) and the site supervisors. As a gas project can last for several weeks, all of our guys have to really integrate with the local community to ensure the works go as smooth as possible; stopping to help any resident that needs help or even stops to chat!

All in all I have learnt so much more about active sites that, in the event a customer calls in with very specific questions I feel I can answer with so much more confidence. Speeding up the customer care process!